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In practice, individual parts such as spindles, guides, measuring systemsand controls are often put together and then made to work with a lot ofdesign and commissioning effort. The result is often unsatisfactory, leadingto delays, unclear responsibilities and, in the worst case, subsequent reworkby the customer. Minimise the risk by using proven, standardised drivecomponents from Jenny Science.In addition to linear motors, we also develop rotary motor axes, servocontrollers that are precisely matched to the corresponding motor, forcemeasurement technologies such as Forceteq®, closely followed by theSignateq® measurement amplifier. Our axes have the uniqueness of being anintegral part of our modular system and we can assemble them according toour customers' needs.Visit our website www.jennyscience.com.We will be happy to support you in the implementation of your projects.

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3337 Ivey Creek Rd Maiden, NC 28650
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